Link more than one Bitbucket account



Hi! I’ve personal repos and work repos, both in Bitbucket (well, actually one in Stash), but I want to use both here I know that I can create a workspace and do clone and stuff in the terminal (c9’s terminal), but I don’t want to do that, I just want to see all my available projects in both repos, can this be done?

I’ve tried, but only one bitbucket account is allowed, and another one for github, but not two of the same host.



You can create multiple directories and have each directory contain a different repository.


Hi! Yes I know, I mean in a workspace I can pull as many repos as I want, but my question is more like, you can link a bitbucket/github account to your c9 account, so using a repo is very straight forward. The other way around, you need to pull directly in your workspace, which is not a big deal, I mean I don’t have any issue with that, but it’ll be nice if you can link to more than one bitbucket/github account.


I would assume no. But I never even used that feature…