Line Wrapping (more characters here to exceed the req minimum)



How do I turn on line wrapping? I searched the documentation but it only told me that this option was available and I’ve made my eyes bleed on this tiny laptop trying to find where to turn it on. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:



open Preferences > User Settings
press ctrl + F (will save you eyes :D)
type wrap > 2 matches
next > “Enable Wrapping For New Documents”

Good luck!


Tried that, didn’t work, thanks though. It didn’t even work on new documents either which is what I thought it would do, although I’m confused as to why someone would only want it on new documents. I thought perhaps they mean only on newly opened (but existing) documents, but it didn’t work on them either.


This did work on newly created documents (not newly opened existing documents) but only after closing and reopening my browser. Maybe just closing and reopening c9 editor would have worked I dunno, didn’t try it.

I’m not sure why they changed this to work this way, line wrapping used to work instantly as one would expect.