Limit on no. of simultaneous users accessing my workspace?



I want to code into my workspace and share it with around 30 people (simultaneously) so they can see me live code. Are there any limitations around this kind of setup or any threshold limit?


Full Explanation

The number of collaborators that can be in a workspace is limited by the amount of RAM available in that workspace. Each user that joins a workspace takes up some RAM (at least 50mb but this may vary) in that workspace, as do all other running processes (e.g. the terminal, the text editor, your app, etc.).

Your experience will depend on what processes you’re running and how much memory your app takes up but with a workspace that has 1GB of RAM, you’ll be looking at significantly less than 20 collaborators per workspace.

Related Questions

Is there a maximum number of people that can be in one workspace at a time?

Not an exact number but yes there is a limit.

Can you have unlimited users in a workspace at a time?


As a teacher, can I invite my whole class into a workspace at once?

Many people prefer to work the other way around, where all students share their workspaces with the instructor.

If you need them to see your work it’s best to present to them in a classroom or over Hangouts/Skype.

Can I invite as many people as I want to a workspace?

Yes, there is no limit on how many people you can invite and can have access. The limits will occur when people actually join the workspace and actively have it open.


Thanks @bradydowling But what if instead of using public/private workspace, I use a ssh based workspace(I can put more RAM in my server machine, say 5GB)? Will it still crash or create problems?

I think using the workspace over screen sharing will be faster & also easier to interact with using the chat feature in the workspace. I want to use this setup for training purpose (for around 30 users worldwide):

  • broadcast my workspace to all my users so they can see me live code & ask doubts using the inbuilt chat feature.

  • to do pair programming with each of my user, I will open their workspaces in my laptop & help them out if they get stuck with bugs. To accommodate, that many workspace, I will spread the workspace in 2 or 3 adjacent laptops.


This is uncharted territory for me, unfortunately. I’ve gotten this question from quite a few people but I’ve never tested this or heard of someone testing it and actually sharing their experience. If you’re not ok with falling back to Skype/Hangouts if it crashes the workspace then I’d suggest trying this out before the class, if that’s possible. Either way, I’d be very interested to hear how it goes so please do report :thumbsup: