License for commercial use


I was doing some tests with C9 Core and I like it a lot, but before to keep working on it, I would like to be sure about the license for commercial use. I don’t have experience with this kind of license, and I will appreciate your help about this use case:

  • Implement a set of C9 Cores on the company’s server for our users AND for users who don’t belong to the company.
  • Modify it, adding some menu options like “Create project”, “Publish on…”, etc.
  • Rebrand it with my logo instead C9 logo
  • The use will be commercial, and I hope to receive a fee from external users.

Is it possible to do that? What would be the conditions? If it’s not possible, I will understand and I will stop my project.

Thank you in advance,

License Question

The license prohibits commercial use so this use case is not acceptable.


Got it. Thank you for your response.


I have questions about commercial license of Cloud9 SDK. It would be really appreciated
if you give me some advice about them.

  1. Would you provide the prices and the terms of the commercial license for Cloud9 SDK?
  • If we want to integrate Cloud 9 SDK in our service, what will be the license look like?
  • If we want to embed Cloud9 SDK in a single board computer that we sell,
    do you require the royality for each SBC we sell?
  1. Is it possible to use cloud9 SDK specifically under the following scenario?
  • Install Cloud 9 SDK from GitHub into our Single Board Computer (SBC)
    and resell the SBC to our customers.
  • Even though we put our software stack on SBC, the price of our SBC product
    does not include that software cost. i.e. only hardware cost.
  • We do not modify Cloud9 SDK in our SBC. It runs “as is” in our SBC.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


We are not licensing Cloud9 for commercial use at this time.


Thank you for the reply.

Let me clear this point that does our scenario will be regarded as a commercial use?
We don’t charge any fee for Cloud9 from customer.


I would be grateful if you could let us have your answer concerning above question.