Lets deal with .c9 folder



C9 should be intelligent enough to auto add its folder to .gitingore OR have only one .c9 folder dealing with all the workspaces in a system perhaps in home directory.

If c9 is adding itself to .gitignore, then a notification should appear to user.



This is a great suggestion. Going to leave this here so people can comment on this and we can get a better idea of how other developers would like to see this implemented.

Anyone reading this should feel free to give us any more details / suggestions regarding how such a feature might look like. and how it would suit you best. Just hit the reply button!



On cloud9 workspaces .c9 folder is already added to global gitignore file at ~/.gitignore so it shouldn’t be visible in git status.
Do you see something else?


I will check for the permissions, I have a very restricted user for c9.