LESS and JS Custom runner


I have some problem with the creation of 2 custom runner for Cloud9 IDE. I’ve already seen the DOCS
but i didn’t get how to create a runner and customize it. In particular
I’m trying to create a LESS runner that process LESS to CSS in another
folder but i need that the CSS is minify and auto-prefixed I also need
another runner that combine all JS of a folder to another minify JS file
in another folder. Thanks you.


Can you please post the normal command you use to make this happen from the terminal? Then we can give some guidance on how to make a runner from that.


Sorry I’m so new in a online IDE and I don’t know what are you talking about. I was used to use a “local” IDE and process LESS and JS with “prepros”. I just need to process this files online but i don’t know how and I have never used a terminal before.


You might be better off using Gulp or something similar to do the building for you (here’s the plugin and example you’d want). There is an existing LESS runner/builder that you could try but aside from that it can be hard to give you a specific runner for your unique situation so you’ll probably have to get out of your comfort zone and learn how to use the terminal a little bit.

Here’s a good start for building LESS files.