Lavavel 5.5 setup and xdebug runner/support



Hey… So with the assistance of this very helpful script:

I was able to finally get a working laravel 5.5 installation at least running in the cloud9 engine.
Now I’m trying to work out how I would use xdebug to do some actual work.
Coming from Netbeans, this was a relatively simple matter. With using xampp, xdebug was available by default and simply selecting the debug run target just started the service in debug mode and I could hit breakpoints and such.

I’m not sure how the same is accomplished in this environment, and really don’t have much of an idea on where to start.

I can hit Run Application and then Preview and that works exactly as I would expect… but how/where do I initiate a debug session within Cloud9 ?

Looking at the php info I see this:

XDEBUG_CONFIG xdebug.remote_enable=1 idekey=cloud9ide remote_host=localhost remote_port=9000 remote_mode=req

So I think it should be able to function? Or do I still need to install/configure the xdebug extension (not sure if this is now a standard component?).

I’m very sorry if this has been asked before… much of what I’ve found is > 3 years old and may or may not apply here. Frankly I don’t want to start hacking up my newly running environment to try to figure it out unless I absolutely have to.


so I’ve installed the xdebug extension, I’ve verified that it’s recognized as an extension module in my php environment:

[Zend Modules]
Zend OPcache

and I’ve added the recommended xdebug values to the 20-xdebug.ini file:
xdebug.profiler_enable = On

not sure if these are necessarily valid in this environment or not… but how do I now configure a run target to start a debug session?


Really? Nothing?
So another funky hurdle, I pretty much got all of this figured out except for how to get this darn xdebug plugin installed.
The script from their own github fails to install properly, so I’m still not able to get this working.
Why the crickets on this issue? Is no one doing Laravel development here?