Launching a server from a Phoenix/Elixir custom environment



I just painlessly (nearly) installed Phoenix/Elixir on Cloud9 using this excellent guide:

It all went OK until the end. I can launch a local server using the terminal:

13:12:31.734 [info] Running HelloPhoenix.Endpoint with Cowboy using http on port 4001

But I would like to create a URL I can share with others remotely.

When I click on the green run button in IDE, I get this response:

bash: hello_phoenix/config/dev.exs: No such file or directory

dev.exs is there. I have it open now.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do next?

Thanks if you can help…


Got it working on port 8080 now, thanks…

All I know is Cloud9 doesn’t inform me that my code is running with Phoenix, as it does with Rails. My colleague had to send me the link…