Latency Saving Files Recently


I’ve been having a lot of issues lately with saving. For the last few days (say 2-4), occasionally when I go to save, there will be a large amount of latency before it actually saves. Sometimes, it will even timeout after 60 seconds without saving, and then I will have to try again and hope that it eventually saves.

This is really slowing down my flow, and I was wondering if it’s just me being affected? For clarity, I’m experiencing this on both my work and home computers, using two different internet connects, both of which report a latency of less than 60ms in the top right of the workspace.


this sounds like an issue with collab plugin. Try opening the ide with ?collab=0 in the url to check that.

Are you using ssh or hosted workspace?
If it’s an ssh workspace try running the script from


I’m not using collab, it’s a solo project. And it’s hosted.


collab plugin is always loaded, so checking with the url flag would be useful anyway.
You can also write to telling your projects url, and ask support engineer to debug the issue.


Thanks for the advice! I’ll check that out.