Laravel PDF Generation


I have a Laravel application that I use wkhtmltopdf with in conjunction with laravel-snappy. Anytime I try to run it to generate a pdf it pulls in the data from the database just fine but when I go to require a view(headers/footers) it just shows the “Cloud9 IDE” login page as if I went to a random computer and tried to view the website.

The image its creating is from this page if im not making much sense:

Any ideas on what to do?



It’s most likely because this plugin is downloading your website from the preview URL without being authenticated. The easiest way to fix this is to set your application preview to public via the share menu in the top right of your workspace. This will allow anyone with your URL to view your application preview.


Hey your a genius, I was just thinking last night it’d be nice to have a way to show a client the site without having to give them credentials… This will fix both those issues. This is my first “major” project using the IDE so havent got to figure a lot of those things/features out yet.