Laravel 5.3 Installation on Cloud9



Hi prenna!

Is there a way that I don’t need to run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?
It takes almost half free capacity on my account (aprox. 1GB). Can we upgrade only few packages (the really needed)?

Thanks in advance (sorry, english isn’t my first language).


This is a great post. I got stuck on the moving files out of laravel into the root folder but once I did that, it seems to preview okay in Laravel. I checked the version number with the artisan command $ php artisan --version. I’m very excited about getting started on 5.3. Your article really helped. Thank you so much.


For automate, use


Thanks a lot, worked very well :smiley:


Thank you so much for this Cristian. I’ve been searching for an easy way to get started with the newest version of Sage ( for WordPress and this is perfect. I appreciate your work. I was up and running in 15 mins.


Thanks for the post, as not having php7 is a game breaker for me. Debugging is not working for me after upgrading. Is anyone else having this issue?


I have just published a new how-to for Laravel 5.4 here:


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To see the php packages installed,
use dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall | grep php