Keyboard shortcut to maximize, minimize terminal



What is the keyboard shortcut to maximize, minimize the terminal?

It would be nice to see the keyboard shortcut when hovering the pointer over the button.


This whole bottom pane is called the console (I know, very confusing name because of all the other consoles out there) so you can find the key combination for “Close Console” looking in the keyboard shortcuts pane on the left.

On a mac it would be Control + Escape and on Windows/Linux I think it’s F6 but you can confirm by opening the keyboard shortcuts panel on the left hand side of the IDE and searching for “console”.


Hi Brady,

Thanks for replying quickly!

Control + Escape seems to toggle the console. It preserves the dimensions
of the console while toggling.

I’m looking for a similar keyboard shortcut that would expand the console
so that it fills the viewport, and contract the console to its previous
dimensions if it was already expanded.

Does my question make sense?


Ya that makes complete sense. I don’t think there’s a command to do that right now but I’d imagine it wouldn’t be a very difficult plugin to make if you wanna go down that road. It’d be a pretty good starter plugin to get your feet wet in case you’ve considered using the plugin SDK at all.


Got it. Thanks for confirming the shortcut doesn’t exist today.


Can the above feature request be added to the IDE? A keyboard shortcut to be able to fullscreen the console / terminal window.


Yes, definitely. This should be a pretty simple plugin if you’d like to have a look at the SDK for Cloud9 plugin development.


Sorry Brad. Should have specified that this is in the Web Browser. Also, if
it’s a simple keyboard shortcut, why should I have to implement my own
plugin? Can’t this be added to the Cloud9 backlog and added in to the
actual product?


I’ve submitted a pull request for this to be implemented so it should be out in the next week. I’ll update here when this is live.

Here is the commit that makes this possible (as well as these two helper commits). Let me know if you have any questions about them.


Thanks so much Brady. Very much appreciated!


Just checked and this is now officially in the wild so I’m going to solve this. The keyboard shortcuts are a bit crowded so I didn’t assign a default for this but you’re free to assign your own from your workspace settings. The command is called maximizeconsole.


Thanks, Brady!

Awesome to see a feature request turn into an actual feature so quickly!


Minor issue, maximizeconsole doesn’t give focus to the terminal as well. I hit my binding, started typing, and the IDE’s autocomplete popped up because the cursor was still active on that particular pane. Is the show(true); helper supposed to handle giving it focus as well?

I created a shortcut for Win-t on Windows and Ctrl-t on Mac. A new Terminal is Alt-t, so changing the modifier seemed nice to me. I haven’t tested Win-t on Windows to know if it’s a system key, or if the Windows key is even able to be trapped. New Tab on Mac browsers is Command-t, and Ctrl-t didn’t do anything pre-save, and worked just fine post-save.

{ "command": "maximizeconsole", "keys": { win: "Win-t", mac: "Ctrl-t" } }