Keybindings on top of VIM


I’m using VIM keybindings on c9, but there seem to be some helpful additional keybindings that seem derive from sublime. I’m experiment, and some seem available, and other not.

Additionally, I’m doing this on a Chromebook, so the chart doesn’t cover, Is there any other writeup on these extra shortcuts.


Chromebooks should mostly work with Windows keybindings listed there but you can also open up the Commands panel from the left side of the IDE for a complete list of keybindings.

That said, you have full control over what your keybindings are from your workspace settings. Go ahead and click “See here” in that screenshot you attached :slight_smile:

Be warned that changing Vim keybindings can be tricky and might require further customization (that I don’t know how to do :confused:).