JavaScript Not Running



Hey There Cloud9 Community -

I’m creating a web page with a form that is modified by JavaScript. My code runs when I put it into other environments, like CodePen, but it doesn’t work in Cloud9. Any ideas why?



The page you’re having problems with is activity.html, correct? If so, I think I know why: You are attempting to load the wrong script. I would recommend moving the script tag to the head, and change it to load “main.js” instead of “index.js,” which doesn’t exist :slight_smile:

EDIT: If you are also having trouble finding the running application, is the URL (all underscores are replaced with hyphens)

EDIT 2: I also noticed you have a tag in home.html called scripts, unfortunately that doesn’t exist, try <script></script>

EDIT 3: Typo: apropriate should be appropriate :slight_smile: