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Hi everyone.
Ive use this tutorial to setup Java runner & builder :

Now, I’ve a problem. My classes are in src/ folder
on bash i type : cd src/
After, javac

I run my class with the bash, that work :
java Voiture print “Hello World”;

But, when i click on Run, i’ve this error :

Running Voiture
Error: Could not find or load main class Voiture
Process exited with code: 123

Why, please?


It would be better if you can share the code of your class too.



It looks like it should work. Can you tell us what happens when you try building and running your code from the command line?


$ javac src/
$ java ... 

Does it work then?


yes, i know, with the bash command it works. First it is necessary to compile with the javac command to generate the .class file. After with the java command it prints : Hello World!.

But i need to run without the command, directly from the green button Run.



Maybe this example can help.


What he is asking and what I am wondering too:

How do you get java to run from the run button in the current directory?

the current tutorial means you have to have all the source code in one /src file and do a separate build and run command. Doing javac and java commands in the console works for now but I would like to be able to utilize the custom runner to get the Run button to work.


Do you know if running JApplet works ?