I've got an error on jQuery



Hi, yesterday evening my website was working well.
Since this morning i’ve got a white page, on the console i’ve got an error :

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘style’ of undefined(…)
Ja @ javascript?v=1453465343:4
css @ javascript?v=1453465343:4
Ea @ javascript?v=1453465343:4
Fa @ javascript?v=1453465343:4
Va @ javascript?v=1453465343:4
show @ javascript?v=1453465343:4
m.fn.(anonymous function) @ javascript?v=1453465343:5
close @ javascript?v=1453465343:798
restoreState @ javascript?v=1453465343:567
(anonymous function) @ (index):35”

I’ve download a new version of jQuery and upload it on my workspace but the problem is always here.

Last modification i’ve done was to add a jquery function but it was working well.

Did some one get the same error ?


Ok so i’ve an error on a function, but don’t know why it have took 1 week to crash… Fixed now!