It doesn't get my username right and acts funn6


Hello. Output says Ubuntu instead of my username. And it says no such file as generate but there is a generate.c in it.


I don’t think it should matter, you can try doing a cd ~ the tilda means home, you will have to navigate to your work space afterwards.

When you are in the find folder, you can run ls -l and it will list the files and the permissions.

I’m not completely familiar on how C(or is the C++, it has been forever) is run via terminal, but if it is “./” you will need to have that file be excutable (last character in the permissions will be an x). Quick and easy mode is to just run chmod 777 filename on it, but you should read into(google) file permissions.


but generate.c is already in the directory. And I need it to show my
username to upload it to check.


generate and generate.c are different file names, and generate.c is not an executable file, so you can’t run ./generate.c either.
Ubuntu is the default username in cloud9 vms, changing it is not needed for check50 to work so it works as intended.
Try rereading/rewatching course material, or ask on cs50 facebook or reddit pages for more help.


But before I save files as name .c and run it by ./name


probably you was compiling that name.c file to create name executable.
try running make generate.c or make generate it might work depending on contents of generate.c and the Makefile