Issues: Just enabled 2FA for github & updated my github password



Hey guys - I’m pouring over the AWS documentation & read the 3 threads on here already that talk about “2fa” or “two factor” authentication. No answers thus far, but hoping to confirm I’m on the right track & get hints.

I had previously been signing into cloud9 via github authentication. Recently I added 2FA to my github. Now whenever I push to github from cloud9 - it fails with bad username/password message. I even have copied and pasted password so I know that’s not really the issue.

Thus far it seems relatively easy to generate a personal security token on github. Github claims I just need to insert that in my SSH connection. Only place I can really see to stick it is the ~/.ssh/id_rsa.

Anyone have insights?


Ok - so I made that way to complicated - that personalized token from github ( says right at the bottom, it’s not an RSA key. When you just do your normal push, you stick that personal key into the password field. Done.

I was way too worried about messing up my env there.