Issue with IDE on chromebooks


The first time I run a program, the webpage works. But then I make some edits, run it again, and I get the dreaded no application seems to be running here. Plus, when I run it it stops immediately. In the IDE I get this message at the top of the screen:

Could not get PID from process. The process seemed to not be running anymore.

Notice that I said this is happening on my crappy Chromebook. Can someone describe the issue to me(in plain English) and tell me what to do(also in plain English)?


What are you using to run your application (Apache, NodeJS, Rails)? Do you see any error logs or information about why the process died? Check /var/log/ or the terminal where you ran it.


I’m just using html and css. Apache, NodeJS, and Rails are way over my head.


If you are doing just html/css then might I suggest you use preview instead of run? Does this help?


That works. Thank you very much.