Issue when using workspace. It keeps disconnecting


I have a couple of workspaces some are shared while others are not. I created a new workspace for Node.js and it keeps disconnecting and does not allow me to start the server and test the application. The workspace name is “ccslackbot”.

The same occurs with shared workspaces as well.


What’s your Cloud9 username? I’ll investigate and find out what’s going on.


My cloud9 username is vinitdave and login id is


Hi Tim,

Do you have any update on the issue. It is still occurring.

Vinit Dave


Hi Vinit,

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I can’t see any reason why your workspace would be disconnecting. Do you mean the IDE is disconnecting constantly, or just your application? How are you running your application? What happens when you try and start your application? Do you get any error messages?