Issue authenticating on Google App Repositories (GIT)



I created a workspace using the “Google Cloud Platform” option.
It automatically pulled the latest software for the repository (GIT) and everything works.

I can use “gcloud app deploy” without an issue to deploy my application.

But if I want to push my changed code to the google repository (which is git) I get an error:

jhertum:~/workspace (master) $ git push -u origin master
Your active configuration is: [default]

Your active configuration is: [default]

fatal: Authentication failed for ''

Anyone had the same issue?


Possibly related, when I authenticated using Google Cloud, and created a workspace, it did not auto-authenticate anything.


Did you solve it somehow?


I simply had to log in manually, which wasn’t that much of a hassle since I only had to do it once.


Magically it started working :confused:

I did not try to resolve it the past few days, did not update the gcloud components…

Magic still exists in this world.

Case closed.