Is this the official Chrome Web Store app for Cloud9?


It looks legitimate, but I would like to make sure.


Yes, this would be the one, but it is currently not maintained.


Thank you! It appears to just be a bookmark, so I’m not sure what there is to maintain. :slight_smile:


The main functionality added by this plugin is enabling clipboard access, to use paste from context menu. it also allows to create shortcut to open cloud9 in a separate window, but that is possible without the plugin as well.
All code for the plugin is in We have not changed that file in a long time, but that’s mainly because we didn’t think of any new features to add, not because the extension is abandoned.


Thanks for this info. Let me make sure of it: There is no actual app for Cloud9 on Chrome to enable one to cut and paste with a mouse? I see that the Chrome Store just sends me to the Cloud9 website.

If not, is it possible for you to tell a newbie where on Cloud9 to put the plugin code at your link?


@stazman is the app that allows to paste in cloud9 with context menu. Chrome Store sends you to cloud9 website, means you already have the app installed.
What happens when you try to paste with context menu?


Thanks, but somehow I figured it out!


Have a good day!