Is there any way to get Arango DB on c9?


Hello, I’ve been using c9 for a while, but I never had experience with databases. After much digging around, I found Arango, and for someone that didn’t know a thing about DBs it was great.

I’ve ran it locally for a while to try it and learn some of it, but if I could integrate it into a workspace to collaborate with a coworker, it would be amazing.

It has a RESTFUL API as well as a full blown web panel, which I’m sure you could also access from the IDE.

If anyone has managed to run it on c9 or is willing to try, please let me know.

Hopefully c9 could have it pre-installed like postgre (which I plan on looking into if I can’t use arango)


You have full access to install any packages you like in your workspace. If you follow the guide for Ubuntu 14.04 on the install page ( it should work just fine on Cloud9.


It seems to have worked… Gonna try most of the basics I’ll need. But the web-version (or web view) didn’t work.


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