Is there any mongodb ui for c9?



I’m starting to use mongodb and I was wondering if there is any kind of phpmyadmin client for it.


Well there is the mongo client itself “mongo” besides that i dont know any really good web based management system.

You should give robomongo a tr. Its free and therefore awesome :slight_smile:


But in order to install it in c9 workspace. Does robomongo work with it?


robomongo requires a grahical environment therefore you should be using it from your desktop. In order to connect you should configure mongodb-server to use one of the 3 open ports that c9 provide then you can establish a remote connection to your mongo server (i believe you need a public workspace for that due to the authentication stuff for beeing able to connect)

I personally run a mongo db server on a cloud server this solves the hazzle of setting up mongo each time i create a new project.

Be sure to setup mongo authentication else ppl will be able to connect to your db server and do nasty things to it


this is the stuff mongodb recommends the first one is a cloud hoster for mongo db i believe there are also some free mongo hosters that offer a simple webinterface


I’ll try this. Thanks


mongochef far superior, but thats just my opinion

also I tend to host all my mongodb stuff on just because it makes it super easy to setup a sandbox environment and just immediately start using it.