Is there a time limit for free accounts?



Having used other online development environments, I know that some will limit the amount of time that a workspace can run (per month/day).

Is this the case with Cloud9? If so, what are those limits set at for a free account?


EDIT: I should clarify that I do not intend to misuse the workspace to host some sort of server, I was just wondering how much work I could get done before I clock out (if that is what happens)


as a community member response, they turn off the environment when it has been inactive. I think they use some smarter algorithm then just, greater than 2 hours, that may depend upon how busy the rest of the resources are.

Also read, that trying to do some trick to ping the work-space with a chron job to keep it up 24/7 would be violating the terms and conditions.

maybe someone else knows too.


I updated my post…


The only time limit I know of is after about 3 hours of idle time, it shuts down the workspace. As long as you have it open and you’re using it, it’s considered active.


That’s what I understand too, sometime after it is idle, it will shut itself down. My experience, is that the amount of time before it is shut down is reasonable. You can go out and eat a sandwich and it will still be running, but leave it overnight and it will be shut down.