Is there a cli for ssh workspaces so I can open a file in c9?



When I’m at my actual workstation, I use sublime and open files with subl <file-name>.

Is there an equivalent for c9? While I have an SSH workspace open, is there a CLI command to do this?

I was kind of expecting an CLI on my ssh workspace on the order of c9 <op>.



There is c9 open <file> for whatever file you want to open


I don’t have a c9 command… which is weird. I’m guessing it should be aliased/installed?


It is available with all local c9 workspaces. you may need to install some tools in your ssh workspace to work. I am not sure what you’d need to make that work though.


You can install the c9 cli using npm:

npm install -g c9


Thanks! That worked.

Also, for full coverage sakes, the following makes the alias (npm is using the npm-global folder):

echo "c9() { node ~/npm-global/lib/node_modules/c9/bin/c9 $*; }" >> ~/.bashrc