Is the color showed in Cloud9 CS50 IDE right?



I’m from Brazil, so, I apologize for my English.

I’m TOTALLY new to programming languages.
I’m trying to learn by myself C. I’m using the book “C For Dummies, second edition” From 2004, because I didn’t find a newer version for absolute beginners and this one is really helping me understand.

I’m using macOS 10.12.6, Firefox 55.0.3 and CS50 IDE (I’m not sure about the version number, but it shows V112 and it’s updated (2 days ago).

I have a question about the colors that the IDE uses and shows in the screen.

So, when I type this code (it’s just to show how to align things in screen):

#include <stdio.h>

int main()

What happens in the screen, is this:

In this part:




and the


are presented in ORANGE.

And the




are presented in GREEN.

So… my doubt is…

Isn’t supposed to show JUST the % in ORANGE?
The entire string?

Why this occur? Why is that the strings have this two colors, but just the FIRST character besides the %? What is the logic here? I really don’t get it. And I am trying to understand EVERYTHING. I’m only asking this because I know that’s the exact thing that make starters like me, really confused. I imagine that this is a ridiculous question to almost everyone that already develop, but it is a sincere doubt.

I hope I could make myself clear.
If you prefer, I’m at
Thanks for the help, already.


This is indeed a bug in our highligthing.
Thanks for the report, we’ll fix it soon.