Is it worth using self-hosted C9 since AWS acquisition?


Up until a few days ago I’d never used Cloud9. As a LAMP stack web dev, I was looking into cloud based IDE’s.

I’ve played around with C9 on AWS and I like the look and feel, but I don’t like the lack of customizability of the editor. It is missing features I like from popular desktop editors like VSCode and Atom.

The open source C9 is still available but, my understanding is that it is no longer developed (?). I installed C9 from Git on my Linux dev box and it is up and running fine. In theory I could install (or develop) plugins to further customize it with features I’d like to have (eg., color picker for CSS editing, custom snippets for jQuery).

But…is it worth it? Is open source C9 basically dead, or is there still an active community? I know this is a vague question. It just seems like the AWS version is going to be heavily regulated by Amazon, where I’d like more of a community based hosted IDE.

Thanks for any opinions!


Was going to unsub the digest and saw this…

I don’t know about the larger community sense of things, but C9 is dead to me personally due to ties to AWS which wags my priority dog. I keep returning to jsFiddle to try simple stuff after trying more feature-rich online editors. CodeAnywhere has my vote for best online editor with no lock-in or residual costs to use (last I used it).