Is it possible to move vertical menus from left to right?



Dear Cloud9 community,

I love Cloud9’s options for a clean interface and almost distraction-free UI. One thing that I would love, however, is to move the menu buttons “Workspace”, Navigate" and “Commands” from the vertical menu-bar that is originally located at the left of the screen, to the menu-bar at the right (i.e. where originally one finds the menu buttons “Collaborate”, “Outline” and “Debugger”).

Then, I would get completely rid of the left vertical menu-bar and have all 6 menu buttons in the right vertical menu-bar.

Is it possible to achieve such a thing?


Until this is implemented, you can use a user script.

Add following code to your init script (using cloud9 menu)

services.settings.set("state/panels/tree/@where", "right")
services.settings.set("state/panels/navigate/@where", "right")
services.settings.set("state/panels/commands.panel/@where", "right")

Save it and reload the ide twice.


Thanks a lot for your reply. While I was not able to copy-paste the code (be it with Ctrl+V in Windows mode or with ‘p’ in Vim mode, nothing happens), I entered it manually and it worked like a charm. My Cloud9 set-up looks just about perfect now.


Which browser do you use? if it is chrome try opening ide in incognito mode, or disabling extensions.
Some extensions, are known to break the clipboard (e.g. vimium)


It is actually the most up-to-date version of Firefox.


@louisXV do you have any addons installed? is dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled setting disabled from about:config?