Is it possible to change the default SSH key?




under I see the current/default ssh keys which are used in the workspaces. It is possible to change the default ssh key or create a new one (globally, for all workspaces)?

Or to upload own private/public keys, for example to password protect the key. Also, that all workspaces use these new key.


Different SSH Keys for Different Workspaces

We plan on adding functionality to rotate / change these keys in the future. We can manually change it but it takes some time so we only like to do that if there is an immediate security issue.

You can add password protection to the keys if you like, you’ll just need to do it for every workspace. Or feel free to rename/delete the default keys and upload your own. They are stored as ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/


Any word on this? My main issue is that the SSH key’s e-mail does not match my account e-mail anymore (I changed my account e-mail a while back), which makes for keeping track of things a bit awkward (i.e. I have to remember to change the SSH key on every new workspace, cloned or not).


I would also like to put a plug in for this feature request.


I just created a new private workspace and any changes I make to the ~/.ssh/id_rsa & ~/.ssh/ files (like adding a passphrase or deleting & creating new ones) are undone when the workspace is restarted. Any way to prevent that from happening?


I would recommend that you use different files for your own keys to avoid this issue, e.g. ~/.ssh/my_key