Is it possible to build a continuous integration platform with C9



I have started to use C9 and I find the UI and tools very intuitive. Now, I’d like to build a integration platform on it.

So can I install PHPUnit, Jenkins and Sonar to test an application stored on GitHub.

Thanks for your replies.


Hi there :slight_smile: Cloud9 is currently not meant for long-running services but really for building stuff and then pushing it to prod environments. While you can setup those tools it is not guaranteed that they have the uptime you need. Would love to learn more about your ideas though, so feel free to post thoughts here.


My goal is not to have a 99.999% up-time server but rather a server where I can run unit tests and install the previously mentioned tools when I need and also become familiar with those tools.

Does it make sense ?

From your answer, I think that is possible then.