Is crontab usable on Cloud9 servers?


I have built a scheduling system which requires recurring job scheduling. I currently use a dedicated system running Linux, and utilize the cron system and the crontab table to accomplish my timing needs.

I am considering placing a demo version on Cloud9, and would like to know if my accessing the crontab will work.


cloud9 servers sleep after 3 hours (or something like that) so no, it would not be wise to use crontab on it.

c9 is made for development, and not meant to be used for production or all the time on servers.


@shadowcodex is absolutely right. If you’re hosting a demo, the best idea is to just get a VPS and host it there, where crontab works normally. If you want to use Cloud9 to edit the demo, you can upgrade to Premium and use an SSH workspace to connect to the VPS with the demo and edit it.


Thanks for the info on cloud 9. I could use Cloud9 for a demo, as long as everyone understands that the demo will go to sleep within a few hours, right?