Is Cloud9 being replaced with AWS Cloud 9?


What frustrates me is that AWS Cloud9 is not nearly as good of a user experience as the original Cloud9. One of the key reasons I chose the original Cloud9 over its competitors was that when I went back to a project, all my terminal sessions were still where I left them. With AWS Cloud9, every day I have to go through a cumbersome process of logging back in and waiting for my environment to spool up, then once that’s done all my terminal sessions are back in the root directory. These things are inconvenient and together with C9’s lack of innovation over the past several years compared to editors like VS Code and Atom/Pinegrow, I’m thinking I need to go back to working locally which is unfortunate. Who’s going to build the next kick-ass online IDE???


Thank you for your continued feedback. We continue to listen to all feedback and are working on projects to ease the transition for our customers over to AWS Cloud9.

I can’t share specific details just yet but we will let you know as soon as we have more information.


The AWS Cloud9 is a complete departure from what made Cloud9 so amazing. Need a WordPress project? Click on the WordPress template and it’s all configured and installed. (Granted it’s all wildly out of date now because that side gets no love).

I just made an AWS environment and all I’ve got is a readme with no idea what to do next. The beauty of C9 was that you could skip the complicated server config and just get to learning or working. Now I’m right back to how I always felt about AWS… like it’s needlessly complex and not worth the effort to try to decipher.

I hope y’all take a big step back and try to look at this through the eyes of a new user, or heck, anyone who isn’t a power AWS user.

In the meantime, has anyone found a viable alternative?


Im still feeling the pain of the AWS issue, I have an ide.cloud9 old account but we just added a new member and we want to colaborate but it appears that he cant get a cloud9 account, so we thought ok lets just move to AWS cloud9…

The AWS envirionment is an absolute minefield of permission issue configuration issues its like stepping into the mind of a lunatic , nothing makes any sense.

Should we just abandon cloud9 ? its never going to be the simple interface it was is it ?