Is Cloud9 being replaced with AWS Cloud 9?



I hope Google and some other big brands come out with cloud-IDE offering soon, This uncertainty of the way forward is making me rethink. if development on cloud a IDE is a good choice. I had thought cloud IDE’s were the future, and wanted to be someone who got on the train early. But this uncertainty and threat shows one AWS cloud development one is captive and loses the benefit of the rich knowledge the internet shares on how to develop on a Mac.

For me, this change emphasizes that developing in the cloud hasn’t matured enough to fully invest one’s investment of learning and time.


I had icecoder running on a VPS for many years. It was a fine environment for a single user. I just don’t do enough coding to justify all the headache of running my own VPS. Now I guess I might have to go back to that, since I am going to get some administrator headaches either way.


dcforeman, I use Cloud9 a lot for personal development and feel your pain. For now, I am sticking with AWS Cloud9 for a month, to see if the (predicted) ~$2 per month expense for EC2 is worth it. The main advantage is if I develop something that I want to scale, or need accessible anywhere.

Also, FYI, we have this open-source from Cloud9: . You can use this code and deploy your own Cloud9. I use this exclusively to code on Raspberry Pi.

You might have to figure out authentication and space management etc. for different students, but if you love the UI, like I do, then it might be worth it.


Nice to see C9 is taking on the “Amazon way” of deleting comments that tell the truth. One more reason to DUMP c9.


Google? Are you serious? They’re worse than Amazon. Google will track you, sell you, package you, lie to you, and they hate America and anyone to the left of Mao or Marx; no thanks.


I hope they dont… because i find cloud9 really helpful for a student like me…i don’t like how i need a credit/debit card for the aws…


Class, You sound angry with both Amazon and Google, two companies that are at the top of the list of successful businesses. And it is just weird, that you think the most successful businesses are “un-america”, And weirder that you have our flag as your icon, welcome


…and you sound like a sucker, who believes the media’s lies; not to mention Google’s and Amazon’s.

define “most successful.” Neither fit the bill, by the way. Criminal, fascist, monopoly, Christian-hating, Anti-semitic, privacy destroying corporations; yes, they fit those descriptions, to a tee.

Clearly you are ignorant of what American is; but I’m not shocked by that. So many are these days.

Yep, I thought so. You claim to be one of us, Americans. It’s clear you are not.


c9 also required it, and it’s a reasonable expectation; security wise.

What’s sad is that people like Gregorydillon are so clueless about how Amazon, Google destroy companies, and their products, that they purchase.

Amazon bought c9 to drive business to AWS; nothing more. 99% of what we like about c9, will disappear, or become far more costly.


Totally agree. Did you tyr to use it through AWS yet? It is a nightmare and you have to pay.


Yes, I tried C9/AWS it’s terrible. Much of what made it worth using is not there, or is hidden.

For students, the one year trial will go quickly. I can’t see AWS being less expensive than the C9 dot io version. I just can’t see how. Even with a free year.


YEa me too. I went in and tried to set it up to use as a student for a Udemy class I was doing and it was so contrived that I said F it and went to CodeAnywhere. CodeAnywhere is ok but it’s UI just sucks plus the way you have to set things up. It is a good time for them I bet becasue C9 is useless now.


If I dont want to migrate to AWS in the future, is it possible to keep my applications running on old Cloud9 forever? I’ve tested and didnt like AWS Cloud9, also it’s to expensive assuming that I need to keep it running at least 12hours a day, and I have to work with about 3 or more workspace on same day, I need to shut down a workspace to turn on another one… I want to keep my things as it ir in


I totally agree, I tryed AWS C9 too and I didnt like, dont want to migrate…
I prefer keep paying the U$19/month and keep 3 workspaces running, if Cloud9 force the migration I will migrate to another service, like Codeanywhere


If ever will get close would we get notified? because i have projects there can’t download them now since it still need some work


The only constant in life is change. As users, we can all accept this reality.

What makes–or made–Cloud 9 great is the nearly frictionless setup of new instances. Many of us who are educators need this for our students.

What most concerns me is whether continuing to use Cloud 9 (by not opting into AWS) we will be getting the latest/greatest features or whether this is pretty much the end of the road for this product line. The overall tenor of this thread carries a strong implication per se. Even so, the message to existing Cloud 9 users is at best unclear.

Why not communicate to your user base the situation as is? Most of us are grown-ups and can take it. There are other options. For my courses, it’s looking like CodeEnvy will become more of a frontrunner.

So Amazon, if you are listening, please give us what we have now + the transparent use of AWS. We’re happy to train students to work with AWS in advanced coursework. But we need clarity on whether our academic subscriptions can be used for the current and upcoming semesters.


Hey! Thank you for your comments.

Our education announcement and general announcement include information regarding the future of

Let me know if have any more questions and I’ll do my very best to answer them for you :slightly_smiling_face:.


The original (pre-AWS) Cloud9 IDE @ didn’t (and doesn’t) request, or require payment details from free users unless/until they actually purchase something, like a premium subscription.


At a certain point they did request credit card verification for new users to prevent abuse, but then shortly later released AWS Cloud9.