Is Cloud9 being replaced with AWS Cloud 9?

Thank you for your continued feedback. We continue to listen to all feedback and are working on projects to ease the transition for our customers over to AWS Cloud9.

I can’t share specific details just yet but we will let you know as soon as we have more information.

The AWS Cloud9 is a complete departure from what made Cloud9 so amazing. Need a WordPress project? Click on the WordPress template and it’s all configured and installed. (Granted it’s all wildly out of date now because that side gets no love).

I just made an AWS environment and all I’ve got is a readme with no idea what to do next. The beauty of C9 was that you could skip the complicated server config and just get to learning or working. Now I’m right back to how I always felt about AWS… like it’s needlessly complex and not worth the effort to try to decipher.

I hope y’all take a big step back and try to look at this through the eyes of a new user, or heck, anyone who isn’t a power AWS user.

In the meantime, has anyone found a viable alternative?


Im still feeling the pain of the AWS issue, I have an ide.cloud9 old account but we just added a new member and we want to colaborate but it appears that he cant get a cloud9 account, so we thought ok lets just move to AWS cloud9…

The AWS envirionment is an absolute minefield of permission issue configuration issues its like stepping into the mind of a lunatic , nothing makes any sense.

Should we just abandon cloud9 ? its never going to be the simple interface it was is it ?

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apparently amazon dont give a fuck on products that wont make $$$, bye bye cloud9!

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Well, at least they’re giving us until Dec 31.

I spun up an instance on AWS about a month ago and I don’t love it. It’s far more cumbersome than classic C9. There are a few minor things that aren’t right, and most disappointingly, there’s absolutely nothing new or improved since the AWS acquisition was announced 2 years and 8 months ago.

Earlier up in this thread someone said “On one hand, tech changes quickly.” Again, so disappointing that AWS and C9 couldn’t add a single improvement in almost 3 years. I’m sure a lot of work went into the back end of the migration, but of course that does us no good.

I’ve paid for Pro accounts for everyone on my team for almost 3 years. C9 could have tripled their price and I would have gladly paid it. I gave a Barcamp talk on C9 called “Put your IDE in the cloud” and the audience was stunned at how elegant and powerful it was. It would take me half of my presentation time to demo getting AWS C9 off the ground.

I’ll give AWS another try, but I’m also on the hunt for alternatives. Again, at least we have until Dec 31.

What are the other alternatives? Please list some. Also we can use existing workspace till June 30 only.

but it says users wont be able to create new or to use existing workspaces on June 30, so it’s barely three months as i understand?

besides alternatives like codeanywhere, codenvy mentioned above, is also worth trying
it’s kind of similar to c9, paid/free/education tiers with collaboration functionalities, but the documentation is mostly in korean so need to have a translator for that…


Instead of forcing a new platform why didn’t they just slightly raise the price farely with inflation, and create tiers of more projects? If there’s one thing programmers hate is dealing with a new GUI. I’m sure others like me would’ve been willing to pay more than the 19 monthly to continue using c9 on all their projects (with ability to scale larger if wanted at higher pay).

What would be needed to create a platform like this for starting developers at low costs and and keep a close to fee tier?

I would be willing to attempt a creation of an ide server if plenty of others are up for the task. I know they’re systems have a relationship with Docker, which automatically create containers.

They’re plenty of smarter people here who could probably make this better and more dependable plan than AWS, by open source and closed source help.

Vote this message up & messaging me privately would give a better idea of how many people are up for moving forward with a solution, and creating a trustworthy IDE.


I just got the email about june 30th, 2019 deadline for new repositories and as an educator I am really sad. Best education platform and all my 147 repositories are going to get deleted on Dec 31st 2019.

Until I see some videos about the ease of porting to AWS I will not be touching that with a 10 foot pole. Also I could get students up and running with cloud9 in about 5 minutes, presently I am not sure if AWS is as user friendly.

I have seen some other replies by teachers and I know what you mean. I spend hours and hours prepping for teaching computer programming and to read this today is one more slam at teachers.


A possible alternative to look into is It is Visual Studio Code in the cloud. Only downside is that it is a very new product, so there are some small bugs in several places. It is also self-hostable.

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Hello everyone, I am Paris, co-founder of SourceLair, a product competitive to Cloud9.

I was pointed to this thread via one of our users. Since I saw quite a few frustrated people, I thought about sharing a couple of words about us and possibly offer an alternative, without being too aggressive.

So, SourceLair is an online IDE for web technologies (Python, JavaScript, PHP etc.). Pricing starts at $5 per month and offers a free 30-day trial.

Our customers are primarily professional web developers and educational organisations. If you fit in this group, it might be worth giving SourceLair a shot.

Last, we have been around for around 8 years, our company is profitable and we plan to continue supporting our products and customers for as long as “forever” means in internet-land. This means that there are no sunsetting, acquisition etc. plans at all.

If you have any questions. I would love to help.


I appreciate all the suggested alternatives. @paris your SourceLair product looks great – will definitely give that a try.

One thing I’m curious about is if anyone’s used one that’s particularly good at debugging PHP projects. You could sort of do it with C9 but I never really got it dialed in and automatic.

Love to hear any suggestions with good PHP debugging support.

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I just would like te conserve the same quality and the simplicity of service provided by Cloud 9.
I dont mind if it run on AWS infratructure but i dont want to have to deal with EC2 instances, S3 file system and soo on.
I just awant two developpe, and nothing else.
Could anyone offer such a service for all of us ?

I just created an account at and it looks very promising , thanks for sharing @paris .
Extremely disappointed in the setup and decisions surrounding the migration to AWS …

Was also happy to haved paied more to for the services they offer , they made my life much easier and as a chromebook user when travelling, c9 is an essential tool to my belt.
I always used it in combination with Google Cloud.
AWS has never made my life any easier and they are not doing now.

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Google uses :

And GitPod uses the Google infrastructure & theia-ide…

sad to see the real cloud9 get shuttered - the new C9 is beyond complicated. I already said this to amazon and they sent me a link to a wordy page telling me how to set it up – CLOUD9 was TURNKEY!!

talk about ruining a good product!

back to local MAMP for me.

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I’m currently looking for alternatives and so far is the best. I do lost of WordPress development and need to do a proper evaluation when I get back from holidays in a couple of weeks.

The shutdown of C9 was a major issue for us as we relied on it for years. In the end we spent weeks of work moving all of our Rails apps to docker… using the techniques from here:

Now instead of C9, we are using AWS C9, but not any AWS servers – just AWS C9 as an IDE, connecting via SSH to a server where we are hosting all of our workspaces as docker containers.

It is a lot of new stuff to learn but I would recommend this approach for anyone using rails… I also would NOT recommend attempting to export your C9 workspace as a container to use it like that… better to build the container from scratch… it will require you to really learn docker…