Is cloud9 a possible replacement for a traditional editor


I currently use coda to work on php (drupal and wordpress) code that happens to be running on a google cloud compute platform. I dont use version control and just setup coda with the ftp details and work on the source files via the coda / ftp connection. I have been looking for an editor where I can work on collaboration with my colleague as we have now got to the point where we are trying to edit the same code and overwriting each others changes. I saw cloud9 which seems perfect but I am unsure how we would work with / connect to the existing files on GCC. Is it possible to setup the project with ssh details so that we are editing the files live or would we have to take a copy of the files, upload them to the cloud9 and then work together before copying the files via ftp to the live web server?

Any advise / suggestions on the best way to work would be welcome