Is Cloud 9 going away for Pro Accounts?

I must have missed some messages. Please clarify if c9 will stop working and we must migrate by a certain date?

C9 dot IO accounts are gone as of Dec 31, 2019. All accounts will be deleted after that date. Yes, all of them.

You can use the system until June 30, 2019. After that ALL functionality, other then migration or downloading is disabled.

Did you not get the email about this? It came out last week.

I did not see the email. Please forward it to me. Thanks for the prompt response.

Martin Wax

I’m in the same boat - didn’t get an email either. It was only lucky I logged into my main console (usually I go straight to workspaces) that I saw the notice.
And now I somehow have to see about getting a refund for 6 months of Pro services I won’t be able to use.

And at this stage I’m not even sure I will move to AWS Cloud9. I just spent the last hour yelling at my computer as I tried to setup an environment for my WordPress development in AWS.
What used to be easy in has turned into a saga in AWS.

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That is a pity that a such great platform is going away, it helped me a lot though my studies!

In the same boat. Will not be using aws cloud9. GG, C9. Good job selling out hard.