Is attempting to use Cloud9 for salesforce development a dead horse?



Hello, so I’ve been asking a few questions concerning the status of salesforce development in cloud9 with very little (no) response. Might be that I’m being impatient, actually I’m hoping that’s the case, but it would seem that very little advancements has been made to this effort for ~2 years now.
No support for creating classes, org deployments, etc.

It was very intriguing to have the ability to have a full cloud development offering with salesforce, but apparently this would seem to have fallen off the radar?


There are somethings that I’d like to see too but I’ve been using it for some time now so can help with one of those.

To make a class, I use alt+n to make a new file and save it to classes dir with .cls filename ex. classes/my controller.cls – note to sync to SF, the class needs to use the same name: public class myController { …

I’m not sure how deployment would work – putting together a change set, yada yada. seems easiest and cleaner to go to Salesforce menu> setup and do that internal.

Happy hacking.


Yeah, I worked this out. I’m just miffed that it appears that there hasn’t been any advancements in the “planned roadmap” items after initial release 2 years ago. And is still considered a beta?
The only advantage I can see with this option is that it’s web based, though I’ve found simply using the Salesforce native developer tools to be a better option.


Yeah I certainly hear ya and I don’t know what’s going on there. Heard they were bought by Amazon so I’m sure work is going into something AWS and they’ve added Google’s Platform. Maybe they’ve chosen to cover the big platforms then go back and make them better?

I use it for all my “normal” web side projects as well and I rather work in C9 than Developer Console any day of the week but that’s a personal choice. Non personal would be file history is a must once you’ve had it – times where a client’s developer keeps over writing classes and such for instance… But then you can reasonably balance that with the fact that I’ve seen a co-worker try to use C9 and it blew away another’s code upon opening a workspace… There’s support for those times but confidence is already at a low point as you could imagine.

TL:DR - Whatever makes you a happy coder is the best option. I’ll keep using it (and liking it) but I’ve stopped actively trying to sell it to co-workers and my company for now.