IP address for websockets


How do i know the IP of my workspace? Becauseause i need websocket something.


Hey @SrNicolas :slightly_smiling:,

Current protocol for this to my understanding is to simply message @mutahhir and he’ll privately message you the info requested.




Thank you for writing in. I’m afraid there is no fixed IP for your workspace. The good news, however, is that you don’t need the IP of the workspace to use WebSockets. WebSockets are designed to be used over HTTP, and thus if you have a server running on, that accepts WebSocket connections, you can easily connect to it giving your http://<workspacename>-<username>.c9users.io url for your workspace.

Hope this helps.



But if node.js websocket is in apache instances should I edit a file 002-myconfig.conf?


Hi @Globik,

I’m not sure, but for most purposes, just editing 001-cloud9.conf should do it. I don’t have experience setting Apache up for WebSockets, so do look up the appropriate resources for that.

Have a great day and happy coding!