IOTA on CLoud9?



Don’t suppose anyone has got a basic send and receive program for IOTA cyrptocurrency working on Cloud9?

Javascript library at


Please do note that accounts with workspaces running miners will be automatically blocked. Any uses of that are not for developing, testing or debugging software are against our terms of service.


IOTA does not use blockchain and therefore has no miners. It uses a Tangle. A full node implementation would probably be against cloud9’s policy. I am only interested in testing a light node implementation.

Here is a list of light node hosts

We should be able to get a light node working to test the software so that IOTA tokens can be sent between 2 accounts. This is all very new technology, but should not be against any of the Cloud9 policy


Ah, my mistake :slightly_smiling_face:!

Judging by your comments then it seems that you will be fine. Don’t hesitate to contact right away if you experience any problems.