International Support?


A large portion of our team is not in the United States, in the next year, our team will both be travelling a lot globally and based in other countries. How does c9 fare in say Australia, or the EU, or China?

Thanks y’all.


Hi there, We are pretty global ourselves with people in the US (east/west), Europe and Australia. We have a datacenter close to mainland China and are continuously working on improving our platform performance. So, I think you should be good! Would love to learn more about how you are working with your team on c9! Feel free to get in touch.


Hi Willy. I’m a c9 user from Australia. It’s working really well for us here.


Another point to add. When you first move countries, your workspace will show a migration screen while it moves it to a server in the closest region to you. (takes about the same time as starting a new workspace or restoring an inactive workspace).