International Credit Card


I have a friend who lives in Taiwan and he is having trouble signing up to use cloud9 because it seems like a US credit card is required to create the account. He told me he inputs his credit card info and there is error with the postal code. I find it hard to believe that cloud9 is restricted to people located at US only. Please let me know how to resolve this.



To clarify this a bit: We accept global credit cards. We have no restrictions for the country of issuance. The error with the postal code is simply the response we get from the bank. If the specific credit card is not registered with a postcode, the system ignores this check.

In your friend’s case, he needs to check with his bank what postcode he is registered with. Then he can use it in the form. Otherwise, the bank will keep rejecting the authorization calls.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: