Intermittent connectivity problems to


I seem to have connection problems to When I type in the terminal, it takes several seconds for the text to appear. I have also noted that an orange box pops down, saying something about reconnecting. This happens for a bit, and then the issue seems to resolve itself. My connection to the internet is fast and generally robust, and this is with a non-running application (just a blank one). Right now, I have an Express app, and the Run and Stop buttons are taking 30-60 seconds to respond. Any ideas?


Hi @mprogers,

Thank you for writing in. Sorry for the issues here. Can you write in to us at with the name of the workspace that’s being affected?

Also, can you let us know about the following:

  • Your general location, US, EU, or Asia?
  • Whether this is happening on a certain workspace, or all workspaces?
  • Have you tried using a different browser, and if so, does that help?