Installing the Cloud Foundry command line interfaces


I am new to Cloud 9.

I am using IBM BlueMix to host my Node.js application.

I would like to use Cloud 9 for my development but there are some requirements.

1 - Installing the BlueMix Command Line Interface. (Done)

I have followed the instructions:

2 - Installing the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface.

I have followed the instructions in the link:

But the file is getting extracted but not installed. Does any one has the full instructions?

Thank you for your assistance.



It should be installed. Because of the cd at the beginning of the instructions, you should install it into a PATH directory, so try running cf to see what happens. If that doesn’t work, run bash, and try again, and if that doesn’t work, run echo "$PATH" and extract it into one of the directories it prints out, then try running cf again.


1 - I changed the folder location using: cd ~
2 - I created a new folder: mkdir bin
3 - I downloaded the file in the folder: wget -O cf.tgz '
4 - I extracted the file: tar xvzf cf.tgz
5 - I validated the command: cf -v
6 - I returned to my workspace: cd …/workspace

Everything is working now.