Installing Custom Theme and Syntax



I have two questions that I’ve been struggling to get support on. The first is installing a custom theme to my C9 IDE workspace and the second is changing the default syntax.

1. Setting a custom theme in C9.
I see a few bits of documentation about this revolving around setting a theme for C9 SDK, but it’s not clear enough for me. I know that I need to have a .TmTheme file which I now have saved to my computer that I want to upload…but I have no idea where to drop this file off and install it. I’ve had support say vague things like “clone the repo, upload the file, and then delete it”, but that doesn’t mean much to me. What repo do I clone? Where do I clone it? Which files do I delete?

The way I understand it right now…there is some mysterious /ace/ folder hiding somewhere in my c9 workspace which contains all the theme files that I see under preferences > themes. I’ve navigated all through my file tree in the terminal and even outside of the workspace to hunt down where I drop this .TmTheme off. If someone can give me some clear instructions I’d really love it so I can set my favorite Syntax Theme from Sublime.

2. Syntax Highlighting Default

Coding with the React library works great when you’re using a local code editor like sublime because I can set my syntax highlighting to Babel. It seems that C9 doesn’t have this functionality yet, but it does contain some support for JSX under view > syntax > JSX. The problem is, it’s annoying to be jumping around my repo files and constantly having to change the view > syntax > JSX. It doesn’t seem to be able to auto select because my React files are saved as .js. Is there a solution for this that someone knows about? I was hoping I could set a “default” syntax when opening my files in this workspace to handle most of the problems. Perhaps Babel support is coming soon?


Javascript mode works for React, JSX mode is for an entirely different language
Could you show an example of code that doesn’t get properly highlighted with the default javascript mode?


Quick css hack for changing the theme How do i upload a custom theme to my workspace?