Install SlimerJS



I’m not able to launch SlimerJS in my C9 console.
On SlimerJs website it says that “New official Npm package since 0.10.2! This npm package provides SlimerJS. Just type in a console: npm install slimerjs” but it doesn’t work for me. How to install SlimerJS on C9 account correctly? There is not much information on this matter on the internet. Could anyone help me please?


The problem was that I had to upgrade modules, so I created new workspace instead. Now I have SlimerJS out of a box and able to install Firefox older version for SlimerJS but new issue occurred. I can’t make it working together.

I tried this but no success:

  1. Download an archive from mozilla cdn
    wget -c
  2. Extract this archive
    tar xjf firefox-51.0b9.tar.bz2
  3. Configure SlimerJS as the docs say
    export SLIMERJSLAUNCHER=~/firefox/firefox
  4. Run my testing script
    slimerjs test-1.js --debug=true

As a result there is an error
Gecko error: it seems /home/ubuntu/firefox/firefox is not compatible with SlimerJS. See Gecko version compatibility. If version is correct, launch slimerjs with --debug=true to see Firefox error message

I really want to make it working. If someone has an idea please tell me what’s wrong.