Inline error bar doesn't update when code changes



For an example, I have a test file. Within this file there are three lines of SOQL assignments.
PermissionSetAssignment psa1 = [SELECT goodQuery1]; PermissionSetAssignment psa2 = [SELECT badQuery2]; PermissionSetAssignment psa3 = [SELECT goodQuery3];

The editor will show a yellow inline “error bar” System.QueryException: List has no rows Exception. However, if I then comment out that line, the bar does not go away, although I would expect it to go away because it’s now a comment.
Further, if I know psa3 also has an error, the error bar does not move to the psa3 assignment in the code.


You would need to re-run the tests for the updated results to show up. But maybe you mean the UI should hide the message from the time you change the code until the next run? Could you clarify?


I need to examine this a little more to say 100%.
However, yes, I feel the error should go away on a commented & saved file.
I think the other issue I’m having is a lack of solid visual cues to know exactly what the status of everything is after file save. There is a often a significant delay between saving a file in c9, c9 talking to Salesforce, and getting a final status in the c9 gui. More complete – and easy to access – information on what stage c9 is in and what the final result was would be very useful.
Just one example, if there is a syntax error, I have to notice the red exclamation point in the upper bar. Then to see the error, I have to click the double arrows next to that bar. Since there is no good indicator of when a status is received from Salesforce I have to constantly watch for the red exclamation point. The whole process could just have a much better flow when there is an issue.