Incorrect disk space reported



My workspace is now showing maxed out disk space, or more specifically, is reflecting ~664 GB of used disk space.


Every command I know to check for files shows nothing abnormal in my workspace.

Aside from the rather annoying popup that re-appears as soon as I dismiss it, it doesn’t appear to be adversely affecting my use of the workspace.

I am also unable to load chat support. Although the incident message indicates that it is not working inside of the IDE, it is also not working from the support page either.


Looks like it just got fixed!



We’ve been having some issues with the hard drive space reporting lately, but it should recover automatically. To see your actual usage, try running du-c9 (or sort it with du-c9 | sort -h).


Looks like I’ve hit this bug too. 498 GB.



After resizing the workspace, my usage is down to 468 MB. Much better.


I too am having problems with this… or c9 is letting me have 661 GB, one or the other