Image and Download problem

I just test to download something in my web but it can’t display image and can’t download the file.
<.img scr=“image_tag(shawnmendes.jpg)” alt=“Shawn Mendes”>
<.a href="/shawnmendes/thatsnothingholdingmeback.mp3" download>Download

While I’m not entirely sure what workspace type, language, and frameworks you are using, I’ll try to fix your code. First of all, image_tag is (IIRC) an Express Helper, but here it’s not necessary. If you’re using express and templating with EJS, for instance, then change <.img scr="image_tag(shawnmendes.jpg)” alt=“Shawn Mendes”> to just <% image_tag("shawnmendes.jpg") %>. Since you already have an image tag, you could just remove the helper function and type the source by itself (also correcting scr to src, and removing the dot after <): <img src=“shawnmendes.jpg” alt=“Shawn Mendes”>. It’s also important to understand relative URLs; if you have just shawnmendes.jpg as the source, it will resolve to the current URL plus /shawnmendes.jpg (e.g. if your current URL is, it will resolve to If you change it to /shawnmendes.jpg it will resolve to no matter what page you are on. In order to comply with the HTML spec, also add a / at the end of the image tag, like <img src=“shawnmendes.jpg” alt=“Shawn Mendes” />.

For the link, remove the dot after the <, and keep in mind that most tags (with img and some others being an exception), require a closing tag, for instance a heading: <h1>Heading</h1>. That means that your link HTML should be <a href="/shawnmendes/thatsnothingholdingmeback.mp3" download>Download</a>. Also, according to the spec on MDN, you can add a different filename for the file to be downloaded, by changing it to this: <a href="/shawnmendes/thatsnothingholdingmeback.mp3" download="shawnmendesrocks.mp3">Download</a>.

The finished product should look something like this:

<img src=“shawnmendes.jpg” alt=“Shawn Mendes” />
<a href="/shawnmendes/thatsnothingholdingmeback.mp3" download>Download</a>

I can’t read codes. Can all this codes work to download youtube file into mp3?

Don’t know about Youtube file but you can check this out quick way to download soundcloud mp3s for free.

I don’t know much about this. But i think downloading through soundcloud might be helpful.