I'm trying to run PHP but the server won't run


I will click “Run” and it will turn red for 2 seconds then go back to green. My PHP app wont run. What should I do?


going to need to see it to help ya out. Why don’t you share your workspace with me “shadowcodex1” and I’ll take a peak at it when I can. If you share it then I’ll chat with you in the collab panel in the workspace.


Thank you kind sir. I actually just figured it out. The problem I am assuming what that the server went into a debug mode. The little green bug on the near right was activated. I deactivated it by clicking it off. Now it is running fine. I didn’t know it until I tried and tested it with other temporary dashboards I made.

The Debug mode would activate somehow. All I needed to do was turn it off.

Thank you for your support


Well that’s good to hear!